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After six months of research, trial and error we have found an energy savings device the actually works. You can expect from 8% - 25% savings on the power and electrical bill (depending on the efficiency of your FP&L “Power Factor”). We will provide free power evaluations of your properties to determine if your electrical systems are likely to benefit. The report is free and there is no obligation. If you decided to install these devices there is no risk to the customer. The device must work and the savings must be real… otherwise there is no charge. In addition to cleaning and enhancing your energy production, the device will guard against circuit damage due to lightning strikes.

I you would like to have your power evaluated for potential saving please call Connie at 561-201-9383. We are currently booked through May 12th. We will need access to your electrical panels and load bearing devices (i.e. A/C’s, pump motors, elevator motors, etc.). Also, to witness the results, we require our staff to be accompanied by a maintenance representative from your company or the property being evaluated.

You will be able to read more about these devices and how they work on our website (coming soon) and in the next issue of Facilities Today (






If you need specific information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us (954) 963-4025 or via email: