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All Pro Electric Services, Inc. (d.b.a. All Pro Electric) was founded and incorporated in 2006 by Quintin Kinney, Stacy Kinney and Tony Wilson. Quintin served as President of the company and Tony, a Master Electrician, provided the licensed qualification for the business to operate in Broward, Collier and Monroe counties.

The business started out as a "two-men-in-a-truck" operation and grew rapidly to 11 employees. In November John Cockerham joined the company as the Operations Manager and the company moved out of Stacy's and Quintin's garage into a house that served as an office (with a bigger garage). Within 6 months time we were doing a business with annualized sales of nearly $1M. About 80% of the business was in new construction and everything seemed rosy enough. The only problem with this situation was that we did not know how much money you could lose by dealing with General Contractors in South Florida. All together we did business with 8 GC's and 8 times we were beaten, chiseled and swindled out of about $200,000 in total.

Through these difficult times, we hardened our resolve and directed our business away from new construction to maintenance and support for property managers of industrial and condominium complexes. In July 2007, Quintin accepted an engineering position with Boston Scientific, Inc., John Cockerham became President of the operating company and Clay Cockerham joined the company as the Business/Operations Manager. We moved into a "new" office (located behind a plumbing business). We operated out of this rather secretive location until the economy worsened and we decided we better move back into the house with the big garage. During this time we "finally" finished up all of the new construction jobs and successfully attracted a number of topflight property management customers and 2 major generator installations.

During the latter half of 2008 we continued to grow our service business and opened a second operating division in West Palm Beach, FL. We launched a marketing referral network that targets the type of long-term clients our company seeks. And lastly to better serve property managers, we established partnering agreements with major companies for HVAC, generator installation, plumbing, landscaping and... even a General Contractor for tenant buildouts.

. .A L L ..P R O ..E L E C T R I C ..S E R V I C E S, .INC.