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..A L L.. P R O.. E L E C T R I C ..S E R V I C E S, ..I N C.

License# ER0015408





  O u r  M i s s i o n

We are a privately held business with the singular mission of providing electrical, air conditioning and related services to industrial, commercial and residential customers in South Florida.

  L o c a t i o n s

Our two locations in Hollywood and West Palm Beach, FL allow us to effectively serve customers in an area ranging from South Miami to Jupiter, FL.

O r g a n i z a t i o n

The CEO is John M. Cockerham who is responsible for all business operations and serves as the President of the Northern Region based out of West Palm Beach. Clay Cockerham is the Operations Manager and serves as the President of the Southern Region based in Hollywood, FL. Our State Qualifier is Frank Crandon and Tony Wilson is our Master Electrician. Simply put, Frank knows all the rules and Tony knows how to fix any problem. Our Office Manager is Connie Palermo who is responsible for coordinating customer schedules and field activities. The larger jobs are assigned a Project Manager and everything else is managed by a Task Leader. Both types of managers are responsible for customer interface and to see that every job assignment has the knowledge, tools and materials to be successful.

M a r k e t i n g

We market exclusively via direct referral for the purpose of targeting the kind of clients we wish to attract. We have marketing agents throughout our service area and if you are interested in being a referral agent "click here" for more information.


..A L L.. P R O.. E L E C T R I C ..S E R V I C E S, ..I N C.